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O hai! I’m back
I took like an uber long hiatus from even the thought of designing. I’ve been doing art classes and learning illustrator and stuff like that in the time I’ve been gone, which is good and something I needed to do. Now the only problem I have is time XD Anyways, I am back and I am planning on doing more shirts soon. This summer I have a whole month of NOTHING and I’m basically devoting my life to getting better at this shirt thing and learning some new tricks and techniques and stuff. So it’ll be exciting.

Anyways, thought I’d just post an update seeing as I’m putting this blog a bit back into commission. Hope all my nonexistent readers are doing well! Hopefully some new stuff will be coming soon.

May the force be with you,


Hey guys!

I haven’t been doing too too much designing as of late, probably because my life got REALLY hectic with tech weeks for two separate shows right on top of each other! This meant that I never posted another one of the designs that I did! So, I’ll try to post that design summary in the near future and I’m hoping to get started on this again.

Love you all!
May the force be with you, Abby


So I lied…

I will be posting results for ShirtFight designs. Sorry about teh lies.
And I didn’t woot this week. Took so much time with the ShirtFight design I didn’t get a chance to do woot. Hopefully I will though this next time around cuz I’m gonna try to do the shirtfight one, oh, now.


Update! Now Designing For Two Sites!

Hey everyone!

Well I have a bit of exciting news (at least for me anyways). For the past, oh, month or so I’ve been designing for one derby a week. The Shirt.woot! one. But this weekend, while surfing the net, I happened on a completely awesome site. Shirt fight. They’re fairly new, just opened a little over two weeks ago, and they also have a weekly design challenge. Except, so far, theirs have had weirder themes. Anyways, I plan on designing for their weekly competitions as well as the woot ones from here on in. Those ones I’ll be able to do earlier in the week though, since their theme is announced then. Check their link in the sidebar.

Anyways, look forward to more art! Have a great week. Thanks for reading!

May the force be with you, Abby


No Derby This Week

Hey everyone,

So some of you may be upset or sad to hear that I won’t be competing in the derby this week. Basically, I didn’t have much time this weekend and I didn’t like the theme enough to do it (it was art deco). And my idea was kinda stupid. On top of that someone did something VERY similar before I had the chance to post or even do the thing. So anyways, not gonna be competing this week. Next week I have another theater competition which will make it hard for me to derby, but I’ll do it so long as it’s a theme I like and I have a good idea.

May the force be with you, Abby


This Week…

You might notice a lack of shirt design for shirt.woot! This week. Well, basically, it didn’t happen cuz my computer died right over the time where I’d want to submit it. On the other hand, I also got a tablet. So. Win some and loose some, yeah? Anyways, just thought I’d let y’all know if you’re looking for me (ha). Next week I’ll have one though. I was gonna have an angler fish with a CFL in it’s light. Har har har.

May the force be with you, Abby

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