Design Eleven: EMO tions: Submission

So this is like, my first new and relevant submission that you can actually vote on! It’s not late! I actually submitted it last night and I updated the blog so that I could show you it! Which is very exciting. This concept actually came to me relatively quick when I heard the theme. So…it was kinda exciting. Also my first time drawing a human for a comp! So big week in the life of Abby’s shirts.


Submission Site: ShirtFight.com (link in sidebar)
Challenge/Competition: ShirtFight #19: Emotions( here )
Submission Date and Time: Sunday July 20th
Concept: The concept was to have fun with emos. Because emos are just that cool. Not as cool as emus but still. So to do so, I decided to sorta play at one of those “I’m feeling today” things except with emo heads instead of overly expressive heads. And given the fact emos aren’t the most emotional, it lead to the design. The joke of it kinda speaks for itself.

Design: (shirt comp)

design detail

Link to sumbission: here
Voting requirements: Must be registered on ShirtFight to vote for design. Though if you’re planning to go vote for me, I suggest you also look at some other designs up for voting as well. Some are really fantastic.
Outlook: Fairly decent. I think I did something funny. I don’t think I’ll get printed, because the funny things aren’t printed as much on ShirtFight I’ve noticed, but I think the fact it makes people chuckle will help to bring in some votes.
Design Specs: Six colors on AA Black Tee
Goal: 3 Stars…which isn’t very likely.

Other notes: I’m looking forward to see how this one works out! I like this design and I don’t think it completely sucks. It also helped me learn how to draw heads and stuff which should help with the next theme (which is faces).
I would love love love comments either here on the blog, or on ShirtFight. Also, votes are fantastic too. Preferably 5 Stars, if ya know what I mean ;). I hope you enjoy the design and hopefully there will be some more to come in the future! I have one idea that’s been floating around my head for a while, which I might submit to either teextile or teefury.

May the force be with you, Abby


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