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no woot this week

Hey folks. I ain’t gonna do a woot submission this week (well, the one announced this past Thursday) because I don’t like the theme that much and my idea isn’t very good or original. Sorry guys.

May the force be with you, Abby


Design Six: Godzilla vs. Barrel Monkey: Submission

Hey guys! This is a really exciting week because, as some of you might realize, it’s the very first design I have on! Just as a background, because ShirtFight is fairly new, ShirtFight is a great new site that works similarly to woot with design challenges every week. The public votes privately on the designs and whichever has the highest votes will be printed. I don’t believe you get to find out how you did though. On the other hand, the overlord of the site, El Presidente, does have a Top 10 every week. Sorta like honorable mentiones on shirt.woot! So, I’m really looking forward to designing on this site because it’s just an awesome place. And this begins that chronicle. I will have a different format of results, though, because the site is formatted in a different way.

DESIGN NUMBER SIX: Godzilla vs. Barrel Monkey

Submission Site: ShirtFight (here)
Challenge/Competition: Shirt Fight #3 – El Presidente’s Birthday ( here )
Submission Date and Time: Saturday March 28th
Concept: For the challenge you were supposed to take some things from a list of items and make a shirt that El Presidente would like. I saw Godzilla and I was like “an epic Godzilla battle would be fun” and then I was like “WHOA GODZILLA VS A GIANT BARREL MONKEY WOULD BE TOTALLY EPIC” so I went with that idea and that’s where I am today.

Design: (shirt comp) (today rotating!)

Link to sumbission: here
Voting requirements: Must be registered on ShirtFight to vote for design. Though if you’re planning to go vote for me, I suggest you also look at some other designs up for voting as well. Some are really fantastic.
Outlook: Fairly good. I really didn’t like this one which means I’m probably going to do well with it. That just happens most of the time. I’m newer to the site, however so that don’t make me feel so hawt. And I got no immediate response. But, as I learned from shirt.woot, just because you’re not getting comments doesn’t mean you’re not getting votes…I hope. Anyways, it’s decent, because I’m told this is a good design.
Goal: Get on the top 10 list that they have on ShirtFight.
Design Specs:Navy ShirtFight Shirt, 8 Colors

Other notes: I drew this one in pieces by hand, before scanning it and then inking with my tablet. Which worked out REALLY well seeing as I was having a lot of trouble with hand inking. The coloring was fantastic because I got to use as many colors as I wanted. Well, 8. But those were as many as I wanted! That allowed for proper shading which I adored. Anyways, it was great fun. Really had fun doing this one.
I would love any comments on the design on ShirtFight or on here. I got my first one this morning, and I was completely and totally happy. I might, possibly, send that commenter a free tshirt whenever I get printed/start selling on spreadshirt. I LOVE comments guys, they really help me to improve and to like, well, figure out how I’m doing in this field of art. Anyways, I’d also appreciate votes (no duh) on shirtfight, and thanks so much for reading my blog! As you’ll notice, starting now I’m adding in a “design specs” into my submission recapy thingy.

May the force be with you, Abby


Update! Now Designing For Two Sites!

Hey everyone!

Well I have a bit of exciting news (at least for me anyways). For the past, oh, month or so I’ve been designing for one derby a week. The Shirt.woot! one. But this weekend, while surfing the net, I happened on a completely awesome site. Shirt fight. They’re fairly new, just opened a little over two weeks ago, and they also have a weekly design challenge. Except, so far, theirs have had weirder themes. Anyways, I plan on designing for their weekly competitions as well as the woot ones from here on in. Those ones I’ll be able to do earlier in the week though, since their theme is announced then. Check their link in the sidebar.

Anyways, look forward to more art! Have a great week. Thanks for reading!

May the force be with you, Abby


No Derby This Week

Hey everyone,

So some of you may be upset or sad to hear that I won’t be competing in the derby this week. Basically, I didn’t have much time this weekend and I didn’t like the theme enough to do it (it was art deco). And my idea was kinda stupid. On top of that someone did something VERY similar before I had the chance to post or even do the thing. So anyways, not gonna be competing this week. Next week I have another theater competition which will make it hard for me to derby, but I’ll do it so long as it’s a theme I like and I have a good idea.

May the force be with you, Abby


Design Five: Inspired by South Park: Results

Results for DESIGN NUMBER FIVE: Inspired by South Park

Votes: +28
Ranking: 139th
Improvement?: Positive this time. I think I created a winning design this time around, which was really satisfying for me after a couple weeks of bad luck. I think it was probably because I had a good concept and not so bad coloring.
Future notes for future: Need to work on better lines/inking of the designs (it’s a little sloppy) and a little neater execution.
Other notes: Thanks shirt.woot for liking my cute penguins for a cynical show. Good week for me.
Did it meet goal?:Almost. So close to +30. I would say mission accomplished but there weren’t that many comments this time around. Maybe next time. Still, pretty close ain’t that bad

Link to Design:here


Design Five: Inspired by South Park: Submission

For my fifth design, I had a really good way to start it off. First of all, the theme was so good for me, it made me practically pee in my pants I was so excited. Second of all, it was really easy for me to find good inspiration and come up with a really awesome idea and design that I could do. I went into this really happy, even though I did get a late start because of a drama competition that kept me busy most of the Friday and Saturday submission was open. But, yes, I hope you guys enjoyed this week as much as I did. I found it easy this week to find something I liked and that catered to the likings of my audience (aka shirt.woot!ers)
DESIGN NUMBER FIVE: Inspired by South Park

Submission Site: Shirt.Woot! (link in sidebar)
Challenge/Competition: Derby #86: Tv Show Titles Re-Interpreted ( here )
Submission Date and Time: Sunday March 15th at 6:32PM
Concept: The idea was to take the title south park and make a Park in the south (Antarctica) and I ended up adding penguins because, who the hell doesn’t love a penguin? And penguins are adorable. So, they were just begging to be added. Plus an empty playground is no fun.

Design: (shirt comp)
Inspired by South Park

Link to sumbission: here
Voting requirements: Must have bought one Woot! shirt to vote for the design.Outlook: Really good. I think I found something that people on Woot will like and now, a little over an hour after submitting, I already have the same amount of votes that I got for my last shirt. I’m hoping that this one does decently, finally finding something that’s good enough for the woot community. Though I do like my color and concept I am not to pleased with the execution of the art. Ah well.
Goal: Get at least +30 and two or three comment.

Other notes: Yet again, I drew and inked this by hand, and colored it in Photoshop Elements 6.0. I used my tablet to fix some lines and details. I wanted more colors so I could do two shadings instead of one, but no such luck there. Same thing as last week in other words. My other idea for this derby was “Inspired by How It’s Made” with a birds and the bees joke. Nixed it due to the fact similar shirts exist and it’s not funny without the title.
Any comments are appreciated on this design. I’m pretty happy with it and I’d really like to know what other people think. My life was super busy but I’m glad I made time for this design. Even though I pretty much resented it all the while because I was so exhausted. Hope everyone has a good week! Seeya next weekend with another shirt!

May the force be with you, Abby


Design Four: You Don’t Want to Know What’s In His Pants: Results

Results for DESIGN NUMBER FOUR: You Don’t Want To Know What’s In His Pants

Votes: +6
Ranking: 167th
Improvement?: Negative yet again. I went down nearly half this time around. What am I doing wrong? I did like my coloring and art better though.
Future notes for future reference: Maybe evil and creepy is not the way to go.
Other notes: What’s wrong with evil clowns?
Did it meet goal?: Far from. Not really any comments, and nowhere near my goal. Eh guess evil things are off the list.

Link to Design:here

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